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Juice fasting does not have to be intimidating. At Fitlife.tv we recommend no more than 3 days of juice fasting in a row to prevent decreasing your natural metabolism or creating any nutrient deficiencies. Follow these easy tips to get the best results from your Alpha Reset. Even experienced juicers can benefit from these suggestions.

One of the most common issues we hear about is clients don’t have juicers or can’t juice fresh daily – This is the exact reason we created Organifi Green Juice – it’s our very own all organic, locally formulated powdered green juice. Swap Organifi green juice for up to 3/4th your daily juices during your juice fast – no shopping, juicing, or cleanup needed 😉

Juicing Expectations

Juice fasting can be a pleasant experience when you have the proper tools and nutritional support. Here are some great suggestions to relieve any apprehension you may have going into this Alpha Reset.

Normal when juicing:

Your bathroom visits change: Increased urine, decreased bowel movements. This is normal. Remember, you’re drinking tons of extra water via your juices and drastically decreasing or eliminating your solid food intake completely. For these reasons, you can anticipate little to no bowel movements.


Side note regarding juicing beets and your bowel movements: Very commonly, juicing beets results in red stools or orange urine…don’t worry this isn’t an emergency; it’s simply the color from the beets. Keep on Juicing.
Your energy levels may change: High energy right after you consume a fresh juice. Low energy between juices and often in the evening.

You might feel fatigued. This is ok. Remember, your body is working overtime to detox and cleanse your system. This, in combination with the lower calorie intake, might make you feel tired.

Your temperature regulation may change: Your feet, toes, hands, and fingers may feel cold. This is normal. It’s very common when we are in a calorie deficit to experience cold extremities. You’re body temperature does not efficiently regulate itself when fasting.


NOT normal when juicing:

Diarrhea – change your juicing recipes, decrease magnesium supplementation.
Hair loss – change your juicing recipes and consider looking at thyroid friendly recipes.
Excessively dry skin – evaluate your water intake, consider looking at thyroid friendly recipes. Use coconut oil to moisturize your skin.
Nausea – evaluate your juice ingredients, and consider consuming smaller juices (ie consuming 12oz/meal rather than 24oz can be easier on your digestion).

Let’s make sure we’ve covered all the bases…

Occasionally, when juice fasting, you may experience some of the following:

  • Low energy
  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Irritability
  • Trouble sleeping

The good news is that, when done correctly, you can avoid these issues completely when juice fasting and enjoy burning some serious body fat while improving your health!

Check out the below troubleshooting tips:
  • Ultra Lethargic/ Tired – Add a tsp of sea salt to each juice or consume 1tsp of Coconut oil (especially if you are experiencing low energy).
  • Excessively Hungry– Consume 10-30g Branched chain amino acids aka BCAAs (healthy building blocks of protein) between juices. Our favorite brand is MRM Reload BCAAs+G watermelon flavor. MRM is Fitlife.tv approved because they use stevia and xylitol rather than other less than ideal artificial sweeteners. Consume 1tsp of Coconut oil (especially pre workout if you are experiencing low energy).
  • Battling Headaches or Can’t Sleep – Supplement with up to 500mg Magnesium (malate, oxide, citrate, or glycinate) before bed.
  • Constipated – Supplement with up to 500mg Magnesium (malate, oxide, citrate, or glycinate). Consume 1 tsp of Chia seeds in 8oz water (1x/day) or take psyllium husk (1-3x/day).
Now that you hopefully feel better equipped to successfully complete your Alpha Reset, let’s transform your health!


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