All the smart kids are doing it.

JK. When I use the word “kids”, I’m not being derogatory. This is a fact. When you juice, you feel younger, similar to the way a young toddler feels on a swing. You get my point. No one can tell you what juicing can do for you until you have savored your first cup.

Since you probably don’t have a glass in front of you now, let me explain the multitude of health benefits regardless of your age, race, or current physical condition. It has been said we are what we eat, and it is proven that a diet of fresh juice, legumes, organic fruits, and vegetables will aid you in obtaining great health. I consider myself living proof!

This book is not to be treated as a scientific research paper based on the thousands of trials and tests done on humans for decades on end. No, this book is about my personal experience with “the juice” and the many others who have joined The New Lean revolution in order to take ownership once and for all of their physical and mental well-being. I believe by adding juice to your life you will contribute greatly to your cardiovascular health. As I sit here typing this, my resting heart rate is anywhere from 45 to 50 beats a minute. If you apply the principles in this book to your own life you will enhance your physical performance, help your blood pressure, your sleep will be much more restful, and you will have more energy than you have ever imagined! I’ve had many friends join me on various social media networks asking for juice recipes and going out and buying themselves juicers. The emails are coming in constantly from people who have joined the revolution and freed themselves from their old limiting and destructive ways of bodily satisfaction and nourishment.

Every day my friends and I are nourishing trillions of cells in our bodies with the best form of food we could ever take in. I’m not advocating that you stop eating and only juice. What I do is I plan out five to eight small meals a day and juice in between. My small meals are basically snacks. This keeps my insulin from spiking and my metabolism revved up to the max. When your metabolism is working for you and not against you, you can stop worrying about working out so much or counting calories. My body was laden with pounds of excessive fat and I thought the only way to rid myself of this was to “work out,” and boy, was I wrong. Now, I work out half as much and my body takes care of itself. Once all the toxins were out of my system, it was much easier to lose the fat in those almost impossible-to-lose places.

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