As we all know, we are what we eat. The body needs “live food” to build “live cells.” When I say live foods, I’m talking about foods that come directly out of the soil and are alive. Raw foods, not cooked, like beans, nuts, legumes, fruits, and my favorite VEGETABLES! When we eat live foods, our bodies consume the liquid immediately and then pass onto the lower digestive tract all of the excess. Imagine an IV of super, powerful, energy-rich foods pumped immediately into the organ of your choice, supplying all the quintessential nutrients you need for the day. The juicer does all of the work for you, so that when you drink that glass of “heaven in your mouth” (that’s what I call it), you feel it instantly! How’s that sound? The juice from the juicer is much better for you than any juice you can buy from the store.

When juice sits on a counter or in the fridge, it oxidizes and loses the lion’s share of nutrients. Plus, juice from a juicer is not pasteurized, meaning it isn’t cooked or boiled to help it stay on the shelf longer. The fresh juice is literally bursting with live energy ready to heal, pump, and energize you all day. Many of my friends first asked me, “Why a juicer Drew? Can’t I do the same thing with a blender?” The answer is, “No.” Using a blender puts pulp into your juice, which is the same thing as eating the whole thing. Your body still has to expend energy to break it down. The juicer takes the fiber and makes it go bye-bye, leaving your lips with the luscious live liquid.

FACT: One cup of raw carrot juice contains the same amount of nutrients as four cups of diced carrots. Carrot juice is like dessert – sweet and energy-packed.

Ninety-five percent of the nourishment from fruit and vegetable juice is immediately released into the blood stream. Your body wants to give you a high-five when you feed it the juice. When I first started juicing, I would take enough vitamins and supplements to supply a pharmacy. After juicing for a while, I could tell the vitamins would have to go because I was already supplying my body with all of the vitamins it needed through the juice! So, supplying your body with live juice is a great way to open your refrigerator and kick supplements in the butt on the way out.

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