Eating enough fruits and vegetables can sometimes be hard given the current workload and fast-paced lifestyles that we all live. Many of the people who have sat down with me ask me how I have enough time to meditate, juice, eat healthy, and work out. It’s like I’m some kind of freak they found at a circus show. My response to them is simple.

A healthy lifestyle is the foundation for everything! The time I take to better my physical and mental health is the time that gives me my life-force for living an amazing life!

The time I dedicate to my personal well-being gives me the unstoppable amounts of energy I have on a daily basis. It calms me, and the best part about it is that it keeps me super healthy. Without a healthy mind and body we are unable to do all that is possible for us to do in this life. I get so much more accomplished in my day with this healthy foundation, and you will too, once you take the time to start.

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