Continue With Sugar Detox

Our focus for weeks 3 & 4 is to completely detox from all forms of sugar, including fruit. The only way to truly kick the cravings is to cut sugar out completely and slowly change your taste buds. We will include lots of green leafy vegetables and plant based foods.

We will start each day with protein and healthy fats to give you the fuel you need to get through your day. For meat eaters, we will include egg-based breakfasts and for vegans/vegetarians we recommend beginning your day with a chia bowl (minus the sugar). By eliminating sugar, we will work toward stabilizing blood sugar levels throughout the day which will provide you with sustained energy.

Most people start to feel great by weeks 3 & 4, but there are still some who experience detox symptoms, especially as we eliminate sugar. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel and if you stick to the program, you will see it.

Remember you have the option to follow the meal plan or to create your own meals based on the guidelines. Take advantage of meal preparation and leftovers! This program should be fun and easy to follow. If you get discouraged at any point, remember WHY you started and what your goals are. Envision yourself at the end of the program and how great you will feel. You made this commitment to yourself by signing up for the program. Stick to it, stay with it and watch your life transform.

Download Week 4 Meal Plan

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