Below are videos and materials selected by Drew to help you get started as quickly as possible with the Juice with Drew system.


Juice with Drew Series

Watch all of the Juice With Drew program videos to get started today.

Mindset Training

Each week watch 1 of these 12 videos. You’ll discover how to establish your reason for embarking on this juicing journey, create your WHYdentity, transformation goals and more!


Transformation Guide – Get guided through the Juice With Drew system for success with these helpful steps.

Juice with Drew  – A great book on how to juice vegetables. Designed to give juicing newcomers an explanation of why juicing is so important.

Juice Fast: A Guide – A guide that explains how Juice fasting done correctly, can eliminate toxins and be the missing link between your current reality and the body and health of your dreams.

Outside Shoppers Guide – A complete shoppers guide to getting what you need at the grocery store. Discover how to navigate the grocery store like a Fitlifer!

Dietary Log And Accountability – This is a 3 day food log template to help you with identifying problem foods and with accountability.

The New Lean – TONS of recipes! – The New Lean is a story designed to inspire you; to challenge you; to empower you to make a few small lifestyle changes that will pay big dividends in your life.

Alpha Reset – Here is the Alpha Reset Document. This is only for the serious. It’s a 5 day juice cleanse that will leave your body loving you forever.

Juicing and Nutrition Transformation System – This is a perfect long-term juicing protocol to begin once you complete your Alpha Reset. Discover how to incorporate healthy eating and juicing together.

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