The recipes are the “Juice” of this book. They are all to be mixed and matched. The way I like my juice is completely different than the way you might like your juice. Plus, I’ve been juicing for a while now, so I’ll double-up on a lot of the recipes. My advice for you is to experiment with what you like.

There are some fundamental base mixtures you can add to any veggie juice. There are also some things with which you want to proceed with caution (which are discussed later). Also, just because you are missing one ingredient doesn’t mean you should run to the store or not have the juice. Juice it up anyway; you might surprise yourself with the taste.

Green Juices

Green juices are my go-to; I feel like my body just loves green drinks. You want to be careful in the beginning though. If you are not used to the greens, you could experience some gastric pain. This is why it is always good to mix your green drinks with apple, cucumber, celery or carrots at first, something a little milder.

Fruit and Veggies Don’t Mix

You can juice anything green. Cucumbers and celery naturally give more juice than a lot of the leafy or coniferous vegetables like broccoli. It’s always a good idea to make three-quarters of the cup a watery base like cucumber or celery and then the rest spinach, collard greens, cabbage or beets. This will be the easiest method for your digestion at first. Eventually your body will become used to the veggies and you will be able to drink an entire glass of spinach juice.

If you want to feel like your intestinal track just got back from a kung fu convention, go ahead and try it. It’s a completely different process, except for carrots and apples. What happens when you mix your fruit and veggies is the fruit will ferment and it’s a lot harder for the juice to break down. For example, what would normally take 30 minutes to process in your body will take three hours to process. It’s even worse is when you have fruit with meat. You just expanded your digestion time from three hours to eight. Not good on anybody’s system.

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