Lose the old mentality of eating animal protein, dairy and pasta at every meal. Eating sensible, with a diet loaded in fruits and vegetables, is a much healthier option. When you begin juicing, it does so much more for you than you could ever imagine.

Eating an abundance of uncooked live foods flushes your body of all the unwanted toxic chemicals that are in your body. It leaves you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a much greater sense of peace and well-being. If you have ever done yoga or gotten a back massage, the rejuvenated feeling you have after is similar to the effects of consuming a cup of juice.

The pure foods leave your skin looking like you’re pregnant. (Well, if you’re a guy, it just makes you glow.) The ladies will notice, trust me. The pure live food also makes you smell cleaner, leaving you with naturally fresh breath. People who get sick often, and who start on a juice diet filled with healthy, live foods, usually report back to me with greater immune function and in better shape. Getting sick is a thing of the past. One of the great things that I’ve found while juicing is that my mind is now in control of my body and feeds it only what is necessary for the life of the trillions of cells in my body.

Sometimes, if my joints are sore from lifting, I’ll have a certain juice (that can be found in this book) and my pains will go away. If my nose is plugged up from allergies and sinus pressure, I am now the holder of a secret juice recipe that will knock that symptom’s socks off, getting my sinuses back in working order. If I feel like I’m coming down with a cold there are several juices that will push it out, making it insignificant and meaningless.

There is so much more your juice can do for you. Research points to certain types of vitamins and minerals in veggies to be a great preventative measure for many deadly diseases. I’m convinced that juice is the answer to many of America’s health problems. If you’re overweight, juice. If you’re tired, ugly or broke, juice. OK, maybe we can leave off the broke part, but you get my point.

There is also some really good news when you start juicing. You don’t have to go out and buy any late-night info products, pills, powders or supplements to add to your juice. It’s all inside the delicious fruits and vegetables. Green on the inside, clean on the inside.

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