Remember you just finished detoxing your body, so your nutrition should be focused on whole foods including plenty of green veggies, clean lean proteins and healthy fats.  Returning to a diet in processed foods and sugar will only negate all of the detoxing you just successfully completed. The objective is to remove inflammatory foods from your regular nutrition plan.

For best results and easiest transitioning following the below guidelines:

  • Consume smaller meals (50-75% your normal portions)
  • Base your food options on whole food choices (asparagus, tomato, chicken, beef, peppers, etc).
  • Continue to slowly reintroduce healthy solid foods back into your diet, you can develop sensitivities to certain foods.
  • Go for a 20-30 minute walk, keeping the intensity low.
  • For continued positive results, recommends continuing to juice minimally 1x/day after completing the protocol.

As you transition back into solid food meals, we suggest you keep a food journal. To make this easy we’ve created a worksheet you can download  > ACCESS DIET LOG

If you’d like to shed more weight or continue your transformation journey, we suggest you begin intermittent juice fasting – 1-3x/week depending on the results you’d like to achieve. If you’d like guidance or a custom plan for your next steps, please reach out to our coaching staff – – just shoot our coaching team and email and we’ll be happy to help!

If you’re interested in custom plans or coaching – take a look at what we have available here .

Another great suggestion is what we call the 5-Day Detox plan. This course provides 3 different detox plans – whole foods, smoothies, and juice – and is a wonderful next step coming from the Alpha Reset. We recommend you try out either the whole foods or smoothie detox meal plans as your digestion is ready for fiber and solid foods! 🙂 If you’d like to jump into this next step, simply visit your membership video course home or click the link above. Enjoy!

Course Discussion

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