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Course Intro

Give your body 30 was designed to heal and repair you from the inside out. It detoxifies your body, and breaks the addiction to inflammatory and harmful foods.
Stop dieting and instead feast yourself fit!

Does this meal plan focus on weight loss AND health?

Yes, both! We believe in the ripple effect relationship between health and weight loss. First we promote a detox, to flush the body of toxins, and allow your cells to attack the foreign invaders that have been hiding. Then we feed the body nutritious, high fiber foods that break that processed food addiction, and make us feel full. In this way, health comes first, and the weight loss is an all natural added bonus!


Would Drew recommend this program?
Yes, Drew recommends this program. Drew has used this meal plan and the additional bonuses with clients all over the world to incredible success. His clients have paid tens of thousands for this information, and it’s available to you now at a fraction of the price. If you stay committed, and follow the proven plan in this program, this will be information that you will take with you for the rest of your life.

Doesn’t the Juice With Drew System give me everything I need?
That system is an incredible first step and will undoubtedly jumpstart your health and weight loss. This meal plan and program is the next logical step. We don’t recommend anyone drink juice and nothing else. After your incredible experience with the Juice With Drew System, you will want to continue feeling great, having amazing sleep, tons of energy. You will want to continue having a boosted immune system, and continue watching your skin clear up. You will want to continue losing weight, and this the next step in that direction.

Is this meal plan and program worth the extra money?
Absolutely! This will be your road map to a newer, healthier you. It’s all been done for you and planned out. It’s simple and easy, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This program, if followed correctly, will guide you to health and happiness on the inside and out, and this information will teach you how to continue your quest for health for many years to come.

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